Sell Updated 32 wireless & 2 wired zone alarm system(SA-Z)

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Updated 32 wireless & 2 wired zone alarm system

Outstanding features:

1) Compatible with the internal Digital Communication Standard - Ademco protocol such as CONTACT ID, 4+2 EXPRESS, 4/2 etc.

2) When the panel is moved, the alarm will take place and the siren will sound with high db

In the meanwhile, the alarm will auto dial the phones preset.

3) When the offender cuts the phone line, the panel will sound at high db. Simultaneously the panel of the neighbors can auto dial the phone to notice the alarm. It solves the fatal problem of the transitional alarm system that it can only alarm without auto dial when the phone line is cut.

4) Use press-to-learn code


1)32 LED display of defence zone

2) Alarm panel Password protection

3) Program the duration length of the siren 0-30 minutes

4) Time delay to arm 0-99 seconds

5) Delay to alarm 0-99 seconds

6) Built-in dialer with built-in siren

7) Record your own personal message for ten seconds

8) Up to 6 telephone numbers can be pre-stored in the unit and dialed to summon help in priority order.

Remote command and access to the system from anywhere via a telephone/mobile

9) Emergency/panic button is available for 24 hours whenever arm/disarm

10) Back-up rechargeable battery available for 36 hours when power is in failure


1) Power: adaptor (220V/9V) , output: 9VDC300mA

2) Environmental condition:

Temperature: -10 ~ 500

Relative humidity: <=90%

Atmosphere pressure: 86 ~ 106Kpa

3) Phone number storage: 6 numbers with 16 characters utmost.

4) Built-in siren: >=120dB

5) Static current: <40 m A @ DC9V

6) Working Current: <300m A @DC9V

7) DTMF: high frequency -7dBm; low frequency -9dBm

8) Frequency: 315MHz / 433MHz

9) Hi-frequency receiving sensibility: -105dBm

10) Wired connector end: on/off compatible.

11) Working frequency: 315MHz / 433MHz
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