Sell Ura-Tamagotchi - Bandai Similar

Ura-Tamagotchi - Bandai Similar
Infrared star Tamagotchi, new member of infrared Tamagotchi family, more attractive.

1. New shape, adorable star for all dreaming liking children!

2. Interest: Has emotion, implys its master what to do and how to do; Lives as the similar way as human: Playing with and making friends with each other, choosing lovers when they grown up, and have their generation.

- New IC, new character installed.

- New LCD, more than 1000 dots, the characters and pictrues are more clearer and vivider.

- Gaining password after winning the game, inputting the password and get the secret gift.

3. Infrared connection with others to make friends and exchange gifs, enjoy the communication interest!

5. Instruction: Various language instruction.
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3,000 pcs