Sell Urea 4 6% on very good price offer

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We are one of the mandates from russia for urea 46% we can give you the best rates. We have more then 200 companies registerd with us. us Specifications

Nitrogen 46% Min
Moisture 0.5% Max
Biuret 1.0%Max
Free Ammonia 160 PXT, Max
Prill 95% Max
Melting Point 132 Degree Centigrade
Color PureWhite
Radiation Non Radioactive
Granulation 1-4 mm 90% min
Free flowing 100% treated against caking
Payment Options:

1. Revolving letters of credit  for duration of one (1) , two (2) or up to three (3) years by agreement.

2. SBLC  Stand-By-Letter of Credit  for one year and forty five days (1 year and 45 days)

3. BG  Bank Guarantee  for one year and forty five days (1year and 45 days)

4. Bank Guarantee or SBLC for preferably three months supply of product. Said payment instrument is to be used by us for the last three months of supply of the first (12) twelve months buy/sell contract and/or as security for default of buyer or buyers bank, buy/sell contract and payment by DRLC or SWIFT wire transfer per shipment against relevant shipping documents. This is for businesses that are unable to comply with 1) to 3) of the payment options.