Sell Urea 46%

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This offer is valid for (5) banking days from date posted above. Prices subject to Change without prior notice.

COMMODITY Urea 46 % prilled
ORIGIN Ukraine, Russia, CIS Or Other In Sellers Choice
QUALITY Nitrogen 46.0 % by weight min
Moisture 0.5 % max fisher method 0.3 % max method of drying friability 100
Biuret 1 % max by weight
Anti-caking agent 0.5 % max
Free ammonia 160 pxt, ppm max
Prill 95 % max
Granulation Dimension from 1-4mm- 94% min, dimension less than 1 mm - absence
Melting point 132 degree C*
Colour Pure white prilled
Radiation Certified non-radioactive, 100 % free flowing, free from harmful substances

/PRILLED/ MT Fully Funded Irrevocable Transferable Automatically Revolving (if multi-shipment) Confirmed by First Class Bank Documentary Letter of Credit 100% at sight
12.500 191,00 USD/MT
25.000 186,00 USD/MT
50.000 181,00 USD/MT
100.000 176.00 USD/MT
300.000 171.00 USD/MT
700.000 161.00 USD/MT
1.000.000 151.00 USD/MT
2.000.000 141.00 USD/MT
PAYMENT Urea 46% Granular will be charged plus $7.00 USD/MT
PAYMENT Non-Transferable Payment Instrument Will Be 7.00 USD/MT Extra Charged
PB 2 % Performance Bond Of The Contract, Issued By Sellers Bank
PROCEDURE 1. Buyer sends LOI + BCL fresh dated or ICPO with soft probe.
2. Seller issues Draft Contract.
3. Buyer returns to Seller by E-mail the signed, sealed Agreement.
4. Seller signs, seals and stamps the Contract and sends the hard copies by Е -mail or fax back to buyer.
5. Within (7) international banking days the Buyer must issue the Agreed Letter Of Credit in favor of the seller.
6. Seller will then issue а 2% Performance Bond in favor of the Buyer. The performance bond will take up to 7 working days and will be issued in the form of а Standby Letter of Guarantee to guarantee the delivery of the products.
7. Within 10-20 days after signing of this Agreement, the Buyer will advise the Seller in writing the particulars of the discharge port relevant to this Agreement.
8. Shipment will begin as per agreed shipping schedule and within 35 - 45 of receipt of agreed financial instrument.
9. Nothing without procedures above will accepted before previous consult from agent to us. Any conduct out of procedure could be rejected.

o Minimum contract 12,500 MT
o Payment by FFDLC or SBLC (See notes below. )
o Prices are per MT/CIF ASWP
o Origin: Russia/Ukraine/CIS
o Samples not available
Visits to refineries not allowed


1. Documentary Single shipment and multi-shipment contracts

a. Confirmed, irrevocable, transferable, fully-funded, automatically revolving (if multi-shipment) documentary
credit paid at sight.

2. Standby Multi-shipment contracts only
a. Irrevocable performance guarantee (standby credit) which guarantees that each shipment will be aid as per contract.
b. Payment of each shipment by confirmed, irrevocable, transferable, automatically revolving documentary credit paid at sight, .

1. We do not accept POP or PB in advance. The POP is offered against POF and the PB is to activate non-operative LC.
2. We do not accept silo visitations, however the Buyer can be at the Loading Port of Shipment.