Sell Urea 46 -  Fertilizer

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We can supply Urea with the following specifications:

Urea fertilizer - agricultural grade 46%
Nitrogen:46% min.
Biuret:1% max
Moisture:0.5% max (by method of drying)
Free ammonia:160 pxt ppm max.
Granulation:1 - 4 mm,90% min
Prill:1-4 mm not less than 90% min - free flowing
Cell kernels:90%
Colour: Standard white or pure white prilled
Free flowing:100% anticaking treated
Melting point:132 degree celsius
Ash:0.3% max
Fisper:0.3 max dryer
Physical: Free from harmful substance, impurities & dust
Procedence: Ukranian or Middle East plants

Price may range between US$100 and US$170 MT, depending on quantity, form of payment and conditions stated on LOI.

Official LOI and recent BCL is a most for soft quotations.

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Minimum Order Quantity
12,500 MT