Sell Urea

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Commodity: Urea 46N prilled agricultural grade.

Origin: Russia, Ukraine or sellers option

Destination ports: ASWP (non USD sanctioned port)

Inspection: by SGS or equivalent at loading port

Discharge rate: twelve hundred (1,200) MT WWD minimum

Delivery terms: ASWP (non USA sanctioned port) at the minimum rate of twenty five thousand (25,000) metric tons per vessel according to agreed shipping and discharge schedule as outlined in contract addendum

Packaging: bulk and or 50 kg bags. Standard shipping bags in 2-ply woven bags, polypropylene outside and polyethylene inside suitable for ocean freight. Additional 2% spare bags shall be supplied at no cost.

Shipping: shall begin thirty to forty five (30-45) days or better after receipt and confirmation of an operative financial instrument acceptable to the seller

Price: For > 100,000 USD 124 / MT CIF ASWP
For > 200,000 USD 121/ MT CIF ASWP
For > 300,000 USD 118/ MT CIF ASWP
For > 500,000 USD 111/ MT CIF ASWP
For > 750,000 USD 105/ MT CIF ASWP
For > 1,000,000 USD 96/ MT CIF ASWP
For > 2,000,000 USD 91 / MT CIF ASWP
For > 3,000,000 USD 90 / MT CIF ASWP
For > 4,000,000 USD 88/ MT CIF ASWP
For > 5,000,000 USD 87/ MT CIF ASWP
For > 6,000,000 USD 86/ MT CIF ASWP

We do not prefer to deal with long chain of brokers. Please do not contact us unless you have valid LOI and BCL. POP will provided against POF.