Sell Usb Cable 2.0

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1) Used for network and telecom connecting
2) Material: insulator thermoplastic, glass filled color frost white shell copper alloy contacts phospher bronze
3) Plating: shell tin/lead over copper contacts nickel underplate all over plated on mating area, tin/lead on sloped tails.
4) Electrical specifications:
a) Voltage: 30VAC(RMS)
b) Current: 1 AMP MAX. / contact
c) Termination resistance: 30 millions max
d) Insulation resistance: 1000 megohms min
e) Dielec withstanding volt: 750 VAC
f) Capacitance: 2 PF max
5) Mechanical specifications:
a) Vibration: no discontinuities of 1vs or longer
b) Physical shock: no discontinuities of 1vs or longer
c) Durability: 1500 cycles
d) Mating force: 35 Newton max.
e) Unmating force: 10 Newton max
6) Environmental specification:
Temp. Range: -40 ~ 60oC storage, 0 ~ 40oC operating
Humidity: 90 ~ 95% RH
Thermal shock: -55 ~ 85oC
7) Connectors are designed to meet the electrical mechanical and environmental performance
8) The USB icon is molded into the connector for ease of identifying the USB port
9) Electrical connection between braid foil and metal shell must be ensured over the full circumference of the cable and the metal shell (360)
10) Overmold material is PVC resin
11) Use UL approved cable jacket
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
1200K PCS
Available Colors
Any Color
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15 days
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