Sell Used Elgamill Milling & Boring Machine

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Machine ID : 0140
Model : CS-10/5000
Make : Mecof
Country : ITALY

Specifications :

Milling and Boring Machine with Traversing Column and Universal Head

This machine is a fixed bed machine with its column and ram type cross slide being transported on a saddle which moves logitudinally along a slide at the rear of the machine bed. A 4HP motor provides feed to all axes

MECOF ELGAMILL 6000mm machine

work Table: Length of table 6000mm, Width of Table 900mm

HEAD: Max Horizontal Travel of column 4300mm

Max. Vertical Travel 1200mm

Max. Ram Travel 980mm

No of Spindle speeds 27

Longitudinal Feeds per minute (27) 6 to 500

Range of Spindle speeds 30 to 2080 RPM

Rapid Traverse per Minute 2000mm

Horizontal & Vertical Feed per Minute (27) 6 to 500, Vertical Travel of Head 1200mm

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