Buy Used Rails Spot

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We need your best soft CIF quote.
Our buyer wants to BUY immediately : Spot 30,000MT of Used Rails (R50/R60) Code ISRI 27 (Origin seller choice) China Port by transferable. irrevocable 90 day LC payable 100% AT SIGHT of clean on board ocean bill of lading, CCIC/SGS by sellers cost at loading port 2% shipment value to activate buyers LC. Length of the rails not to exceed 1.5 M. Can the buyer be allowed to add on extra commission (not to exceed USD 5.00/MT) from the offered price and still get full 2% P/B ? Will the offered price include a minimum commission. Where (in what country) is the seller incorporated ? What are the procedures ? It must be P/B to activate the L/C or no deal at all. We have BCL (Construction Bank of China) Please send us a soft qoute and we will send back an LOI and BCL