Sell Used heavy duty thread/worm Grinder

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Machine ID : 0231
Category :Used heavy duty thread/worm Grinder
Year : 1979

Specifications :

Used heavy duty thread/worm Grinder, Maximum Diameter 355,1066 mm between Centres. totally enclosed machine guarding. Hydraulic Power pack for automatic infeed. Diamond wheel dresser unit B00810. Full set speed feed change gears , wheel adapters, workhead and t

Maximum Diameter Admitted 355mm

Maximum length admitted between centres 1066mm

Maximum length groud at one setting 1016mm

Maximum Helix angle right or left 450

Maximum pitch correction lengthend or shortend in one setting 0.1mm

Pitch range 0.4mm to 305 mm ( 60TPI to 12 inch lead)

Speed of Cross Slide Traverse: Maximum 300/min, Minimum 12/min

Maximum Capacity of collets for live spindle work 38mm

Work head speed range 0.42 to 62 RPM 9 21 off speeds) , Workhead return speeds 100RPM

Workhead Motor 0.75KW , Wheelhead Motor for Grinding & Dressing 4.5/2.25 KW

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