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1- used Cheese factory
Capacity: 40'000 l/day (8 hours)
Cheese weight: 4 - 8 kgs
Dimensions round: 290 mm +/- 50 mm
In blocks: 300 x 300 x 50 mm

Technical data

Cheese type: All types from soft to hard, dim. 30 x 30 cm round or angular

Capacity: one shift ( 8 hours) 4,5 Mio. kgs milk per annum.
max. approx. 14 Mio. kgs milk per annum

List of most important parts:

Raw tanks APV, 1996: milktank 30`000 l, concentrate 20'000 l, centrifugal
pump 40'000 l/h, accessories.
CIP incl.
1 Pasteurizer 10`000 l APV incl. cooling station for milk APV, 1989
1 Pasteurizer 10`000 l APV for washwater, 1987
1 Batchpasteurizer 1000 l for cream
1 Batchpasteurizer 300 l for cultures
1 Milkcentrifuge 10`000l, APV, 1980
1 Baktofuge 15`000l APV incl. Baktofugatsterilisator, APV, 1981
CIP station APV with single single / tank, pasteurizers, centrifuge und

( Acid, Lye, Water ) , APV, 1989

2 Closed cheesemanufacturer 6000l w. breakpump APV Genodan, 1989
1 Prepresstubs for 90 loafs with autom. fill- and cuttingplant, APV
Perfora, 1989
Tunnelpressplant, automatic, 7 x 13 loafs, do. dim. , APV 1989
Salting baths, APV Perfora, 1989

Sep. control units for milk treatment, centrifuges, manufacturer,
prepressing and tunnelpress
1 Steamboiler 2000l, incl. water-recycling
1 Reversal-osmosis 3000l/h, for conzentration of whey from 4,3 auf 19 %
drymass, incl. prerun and storage tanks APV, 1999
Automatic cheese fostering unit incl. board-cleaner Bdchtold, 1983 with
control unit

2- Used milk processing plant

The plant was designed on the ground of the following project hypothesis:

2.1. Filling capacity
2.2. Process time
2.3. Product specification

2.1. Filling
the plant is dimensioned for feeding aseptically four filling positions:
Pos. 1 (normally in operation) One filler with complete auxiliary packing
Pos. 2 One filler installed for mechanical and sterilization test
Pos. 3 One filler on trial test before delivery
Pos. 4 One filler for staff training

Pos 2 - 4 can be connected once at a time only.
The possibility of feeding more than one filler contemporary is not
Position 1 gives the possibility on automatic or filling 2 different
products at the same time.

2.1.1 Each filler has a capacity:
with 250cc size 21'000 pcs/hour corresponding to 5250
350cc 21'000  7'350 l/h
500cc 21'000  10'500 l/h
1000cc 13'000  13'000
2000cc 7'000  14'000 l/h

Process times:
Autonomy times
The plant connected with a filler will produce with:

250 cc size (5250 l/h) for a time of 2h 13 min
350 cc size (7350 l/h) for a time of 1h 9 min
500 cc size (10500 l/h) for a time of 40 min
1000 cc size (13000 l/h) for a time of 30 min
2000 cc size (14000 l/h) for a time of 27 min

Normal production time: 8 hours/shift

Cleaning time: with possibility of exceeding 8 hours time. We have not
provided the necessary security to perform in automatic the cleaning ant the
processing at the same time.

Products Specification
All the various of the plant are dimensioned in order to be able to prepare
and process aseptically various families of products.
Herein, we give examples of typical families of products:

Average characteristics
Good quality fresh and clarified milk. Reasonably free of dissolved air
Fat 4 %
Proteins: 3.2 % max
Total solids 13 % max
pH 6.5 or higher
Alchool test 78 % or higher

Average UHT process conditions

Flow-rate 3000 l/h
Feeding temperature 50 C 100C
Homogenizing temp. 55 C
Stabilizing temp. 95 C
Sterilizing temp. 136 - 140 C
Degassing temp. (110 - 120 C)
Filling temp. 20 C
Stabilizing holding time 30 sec
Sterilizing holding time 4 sec
Homogenizing pressure 220 - 250 bar


Average characteristics
Good quality clarified and litrated cream. Reasonably free of dissolved air.

Fat 47 % max
Proteins 0,5 - 1 % max
pH 6.5 % or higher

Average UHT Process conditions

Flow rate 2000 l/h
Feeding temperature 50 C 100C
Homogenizing temp. 55 C
Stabilizing temp. 95 C
Sterilizing temp. 136 - 142 C
Filling temp. 6 - 20 C
Stabilizing holding time 45 sec
Sterilizing holding time 5 sec
Homogenizing pressure 200 - 250 bar

Flavoured & recombined milk, desserts

Average characteristics
Good quality milk base with max average, characteristics as specified above.

Average UHT process conditions
Flow-rate 2000 l/h
Feeding temperature 100 C 200C
Homogenizing temp. 50 - 60 C
Stabilizing temp. 95 - 105 C
Sterilizing temp. 138 - 145 C
Filling temp. 15 - 20 C
Stabilizing holding time 0 - 45 sec
Sterilizing holding time 6 sec
Homogenizing pressure 140 - 150 bar

Fruit Juices
Average characteristics
Good quality fruit juices. Reasonably free of dissolved air.

Average UHT process conditions

Sugar content 3 - 60 %
pH 2 - 4.7
Particles 8 % max diameter 0,5 - 1 %
Length 4 - 6 mm max.
Comprimible structure

Average UHT Process conditions

Flow-rate 2000/3000 l/h
Feeding temperature 20 - 30 0C
Sterilizing temp. 75 - 115 C
Filling temp. 6 - 20 C
Sterilizing holding time 4 - 40 sec

Soft drinks
Average characteristics

Water of fruit juice base added with powdered or liquid ingredients.
Reasonably free of dissolved air
Sugar content 0 - 15
Pectine max 1 %
pH 2 - 4.7

Average UHT process conditions

Flow-rate 3000 l/h
Feeding temperature 200C
Sterilizing temp. 76 - 110 C
Degassing temp 20 - 40 C
Filling temp. 20 C
Sterilizing holding time 4 - 20 sec

Plant consumptions
The plant consumptions have been calculated on the normal pilot plant
production scale. Average and peak consumptions are listed.

The total steam consumption does not exceed 400 Kg/h at 7 bar. The batch
preparation consumption in the mixing section, if considered contemporary,
is not foreseen. A steam boiler is provided in our supply.

Sections A.00 / B.00 / C.00
Steam consumption takes place only during the cleaning for a period of
roughly 10 minutes.
Peak / 300 kg/h

Section D.00
Sterilizing 70 kg every sterilizing cycle
Peak: 200 kg/h during 20 minutes
Production: 30 kg/h ton.
Average: 100 kg/h
Cleaning 240 kg every cleaning cycle
Peak 150 kh/h during 10 min

Section E.00

Sterilizing 150 kg every sterilizing cycle
Peak: 400 kg/h during 15 min

Electric power
The installed powers are listed in the description of each item and we
assume 380 V 3-phase, 50 HZ
Total installed power: 105 kW

We consider process potable water at 20 C with a pressure of 3Kg/cm2. The
water required from the steam boiler and the ice-bank is included.

Sections A.00/B.00
Peak 8000 l/h
Average: 2500 lt per batch

Section C.00
Peak: 15'000 l/h
Average 5000 l every compete cleaning cycle

Section D.00
Peak 300 l/h
Average 5000 l every complete production cycle

Section E.00
Peak 15'000 l/h (*)
Average: 300 l every complete production cycle.

(*) Note: This flow-rate is required only to have a proper cleaning of the
fillers and the relevant feeding line because of the very high peak capacity
of the fillers in 2 lt. Size.

Ice water
The ice water at 1 C is required only:
in the mixing tank if an extra cooling for overnight stand-by is necessary
in some special uses of the UHT plant where filling temp. below the room
temperature is required
Therefore the total consumption does not exceed 60'000 Kcal/h
An ice-bank to provide the necessary ice water is included in our supply:

Compressed air
The consumption of compressed air a 7 bar necessary for the pneumatic valves
of all the installation is roughly 5 Nm3/h
An oil free air compressor is provided to supply the necessary oil free air
for the aseptic tank

Project description:
Section A.00
Storage and feeding to mixing section
Description: This section is dimentioned in order to receive and store
liquid raw material from drums and tanker, and to feed mixing section

List of equipment

A01 Storage tank
Entirely made in AISI 304 SS (Stainless steel) . Vertical cylinder shape with
conical top and bottom. Tank's complete insulation by fibreglasses.
coating in SS completely welded. Manhole in SS, for direct inspected inside
the tank, complete with safety micro switch.

SS foamless inlet and outlet connections. SS connection for application of a
cleaning head. Lighting unit with lamp-holder and sight glass. Connection
for lifting. Intake for thermometer. Intake for level gauge. Specially
shaped legs with adjustable feet and anchor flanges made of SS.
Motor-agitator complete with vent pipe and shaft with SS blades.

Accessories: Protection for motor-agitator. Thermometer, all in SS, -100 +
1100 C scale. Intake for thermometric or min. and max. level probes.
Cleaning head.
Note: This item is manufactured according to FDA requirements.

Balance tank: Capacity 110 l, made of SS
-supporting legs, -removable lid, - inlet and outlet connections, - level
control device pneumatically controlled with adjusting valve and floater
(Triclover type 30C 102)
The balance tank is used both for proving a constant supply to centrifugal
pump and for cycle cleaning in place.

A03 Positive pump
Capacity 5000 l/h
Installed power 5 HP
Wauchesa sanitary pump type 60U
Internal by-pass.
Speed variator pneumatically, controlled and driven from control board. Man.
With FDA requirements.

- Set of SS pneumatic valves
- SS pipes and fittings

Section B00
Description: This section is dimentioned to mix and accurately weight the
ingredients to be processed with the possibility to blend powdered or liquid
raw material.
It is possible to have an extra storage, capacity of 5000 l. The mixing and
preparation tanks are also provided with an heavy-duty agitator which has a
variable speed drive dimentioned to mix a large variety of products.

List of equipment
Capacity 2500 l, installed power 7,5 HP.
Double wall totally welded for water forced circulation. Special
interchangeable agitator driven by a variable speed motor. Insulated with
fiber glass. CIP spray balls. Double tilting lids. Minimum and maximum level
probes. Man. With FDA req.

Hot water preparation unit
Capacity 7500 l/h each, installed power 1 HP each
Complet with hot water circulation pump, regulation steam valve, steam
injector, expansion steam chamber, temperature indicator.

Load cell
Complete load cell weight system, with three probes for each tank to have an
accurate reading even during the agitation of the tanks.
Directly coupled with general control board.

SS construction access platform serving the 2 mixing tanks item B01/02.
Complete with easy access stair, dimentioned to hold a sufficient number of
people for trainig.

Centrifugal pump
Capacity 10'000 l/h, installed power 5.5 HP, Generally as drawing A616
Electric pump for raising and conveying. It consist of:
-base in rust-proof alloy with SS legs
-flange -mounted electric motor, enclosed type.
-Pump body in SS
-single or double flushed mechanical seal
-special SS interchangeable impeller, provided with locking device
-Acid-proof SS lid, fixed to the pump body by means of clamps, easily
demountable for the inspection and the cleaning. Man. According FDA req.

C01 C. I. P-tank
Capacity 500 l
Entirely made in SS vertical cylinder type with conical bottom, upper lid
and foamless inlet. Specially shaped legs with adjustable feet and anchor
flangs. Minimum and maximum probe.

C02 Cleaning pump
Capacity 30'000 l/h, power 7,5 HP (Same technical descry. as B03)

Hot water preparation unit
Complete with tube bindle heater, expansion chamber, steam modulation valve,
steam trap.

C03 Return pump
Capacity 30'000 l/h, power 7,5 HP
Single stage self-priming pump with hand-removable cover, mechanical seal,
directly coupled with electric motor.

C 04/06 Concentrate tank
Capacity 250 l, SS storage tank with removable lid for concentrate cleaning
solution complete with min. and maximum probe.

C05/07 Metering pump
Outpout 600 l/h max.
Installed power 0.75 HP
Piston type metering pump, SS construction, cooling or heating jacket,
special ball valves for viscous product.
Set of SS pneumatic valves
SS piping and fittings

Description: This section is dimentioned for UHT tratement of the product
with a max. operating temperature of 140 C. All the items in this section
with the exclusion of the homogeniser are assembled on SS platform.

List of equipment
D01 Balance tank 110 l

D02 Positive pump 3000 l/h, 3 HP
Cleaning booster pump 10'000 l/h, 5.5 HP

D03/04 Plate heat exchanger 3000 l/h
The plate heat exchanger consists of:
-main column
-intermediate plates
-pressing plate
-supporting column
-supporting and driving bars
-locing devices
-heat exchange plates

The main column is in high-resistant mild steel, painted with special
acid-proof products or covered in SS, dull polished. The column is provided
with holes with passages for connections of piping and with holes for
housing supporting and driving bars, locked with special screws and nuts.
Outside connections for piping are according to DIN Standard. The base of
the columns is equipped with adjustable legs to position the exchanger
perfectly. The intermediate plates are in SS, dull polished. They are hung
up to the upper bar and slide by means of suitable devices. The pressing
plate is in high-resistant mild steel, painted with special plastic products
and covered in SS, dull polished. The plate is supported by the upper bar,
it slides by means of wheels and is driven by the lower bar.

D06 Centrifugal booster pump 3000 l/h, 5.5 HP

D07 Hot water preparing set 6000 l/h, direct injection, super heated water
unit, complete with steam valve, expansion chamber, hot water circulation

D08 Homogeniser 3000 l/h, 30 HP, 250 bar
High pressure piston homogeniser, consisting of:
SS piston pump, with three water-lubricated pistons, to feed liquid to be
homogenised at high pressure.
Homogenising head equipped with valves for manual or automatic adjustment of
working pressure.
Electric motor with V-belt transmission for driving pistons.
Pressure oil lubrication. Oil circulation is by means of a gear pump. A
safety pressure switch and oil cooler are fitted to the lubrication circuit.
The pressure switch lights a warning lamp, in the event of pressure
Pressing head in SS block. The poppet suction and delivery valves work on
conical seatings machined this block. They are in SS to stand chemical
All parts in SS

D09 Degaser 200 l, 3 bar max.
The degaser consists of a cylindrical body with emispherical bottom SS tank
complete with:
Pneumatic level control
sight glass with lights
minimum and maximum probe
feeding spary valve

D11 Degaser pump, output 3000 l/h, 3 HP

E00 Aseptic tank
Description: This section is designed to store 5000 l of aseptic product and
to feed independently by means of compressed air, the product to the filler.
E01 Aseptic tank 5000 l, 2 HP, max 3 bar
The tank consists of a cylindrical body and two emispherical bottoms; the
body is equipped with manhole for inside inspection and the side connection
of the agitator. The tank is provided with connections for product cleaning,
sterilization, loading and unloading. The tank is also provided with cooling
jacket. The insulation of the cylindrical part is made of fiber glass and
the external coating of SS. The tank is assembled on adjuastable supports.

E02 Cleaning booster pump, 30'000 l/h, 7,2 HP

E03 Hot water preparation unit, 30'000 l/h, 5.5 HP
Complete with hot water circulation pump, tube bindle heater, expansion
chamber, steam modulation valve, steam trap.

D04 Balance tank, 250 l

E05 Air compressor Ingersoll Rand, 4 HP, Oil free

E06 Air heater/cooler and filler, 7.5 HP
Aseptic air heater with relevant cooler completely manufactured in SS
Absolute filter in SS
Filtering capacity 99 %
With interchangeable sinterized SS cartridge.

Set of pneumatic valves
SS piping and fittings

F00 Ancillary equipment
Description: This section provides the main services necessary for the UHT
plant, SEC, D00 and mixing tanks section, B00, connection.
The steam boiler and the ice-bank offered are oversized to allow future expansion of this plant and to have extra capacity during the startup operation.

F02 Complete with:
ice-water circulation pump
ice-basin dim. 0.65 x 1.82 x 1.65
remote air cooled condensor double agitator
compressor unit 10'900 Kcal/h
electrical control board for the unic automatic control.

Section G00 Automation

General Description
Aim of the automation
The proposed automation system is of a high level type able to comply with
the first-rate standard of the used engineering components. The design parameters mainly obtain:
Efficiency of operation

Reliable software resulting from processor's experience
Reliability of components and configuration
Easy use by inexperienced operators with no mistake possibility Easy and immediate dialogue with operators using the plant for the first time, guided in the operations performance by the menus, graphic and mimic indications displayed on the video.
Easy use by experienced operators who can make up autonomous programs with a developed and simple language
Completely independent and multi-level manual operations.
Reliable and easy filing structured on floppy disks.

General features:
With reference to draw there are three main components of the system:
General control board
Power section
Plant interfacing box

General Control Board:
The GCB is the direction desk including all the control instruments, the computer, the mimic panel, the video display, the printer etc. From this control board the operator can perform all the operations to be made either automatically and/or manually by running the programs involving the UHT
plant, the aseptic tank unit, the mixing, the cleanings etc.

Power section:
The power section is contained in a cabinet and includes all the controls of the motors which are controlled automatically and/or manually from the GCB.

Plant interfacing box:
Four plant interfacing boxes are provided, each of them placed close to the plant section it controls (UHT, aseptic tank, cip, mix) The interfacing box contains all the electro-pneumatic converters for valves control and also the terminal boards for the transducers. All these interfacing boxes are
connected to the general control board by means of multi-polar cable.

Auto/man stations (manual backup
Every item which is automatically controlled by the process computer can be started manually independently from the controls of the computer itself.
the forcing can be performed trough a switch after the autorisation is given
by a general key selector which, if disconnected, prevents the action of the
It has to be noticed that for the pneumatic items (on - off and
valves) we provide two manual safety levels; the first one is electrical
with possibility of direct control from the panel, the second one is totally
pneumatic (including the adjustment of the modulation valves) and it can be
performed in field by means of controls, key-locked, placed int the
pheripheral boxes. The manual back-up on the analogic adjustment rings takes
place by Auto(Man and Man/Auto with bumpless transition of each user in such
a way as to avoid any adjustment unbalance during the transition period. The
manual back-up is designed in such a way as to give alarms in case of
incopatible conditions even if computer unit is disconnects or used as a
simple observer. This will alert the operator of the wrong manual input.

Power section:
The panel is manufactured in carbon steel epoxy painted as per C Standards
In the panel purposely made for this section in order to avoid the
possibility of interferences with the computer there are placed the controls
of the motors. Each control is equipped with its contactor and protection
device of magneto-thermal type (acting as maximum load relay) . An aux.
Contact gives the signal of protection's tripping to the computer
performs the possible emergency procedures and gives alarm) and to the
mimic panel (which informs about the anomaly trough the colour of the LED
referred to the motor) . The same cabinet also contains the transformer for
feeding the aux. Services at 24 V and the rectifier in DC, the main
volt-meter and ammeter, and the plant main switch.

Plant interfacing boxes
Boxes in water-proof material complete wit key-locking.
Plant interfaces
Electric valves for converting the electrical signal coming pneumatically
>from the computer for the control of the process valves. They are complete
with manual control; 2.3 mm air-trough section to allow a quick reply; low
absorbtion for direct control from the computer. Electro-pneumatic
converters for converting the electric signal (analogue) coming
pneumatically (3 - 15 psi) from the computer for the control of the
modulation valves.

Pneumatic manual control:
Integrated unit for the direct pneumatic control of the modulation valves
including auto/man selector, variator and gauge.

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