Sell Used rails R50-r65 and HMS 1&2

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As legitimate high-experienced international
trading company we offer as follows:

1. Used Rails R 50 - R 65, ISRI 27 -29


Chemical compositio analysis :

Carbon 0.2 % to 0.60 %
Manganese 0.60% to 0.90 %
Silicon 0.15 % to 0235 %
Sulfur 0,05 % maximum
Phosphorus 0.05 % maximum


Chemical composition analysis:

Carbon 0.54-0.82
Manganese 0.601.05
Silicon 0.18-0.40
Sulfur 0.04 Max
Phosphorus 0.035 Max
Cr Residual
As 0.01 Max of Mass share

Grading as per Russian Standard

Physical composition:

R50-65 per ISRI Code 27-29
R50 - 51.67 kg/m GOST 7173-75
R65 - 64.72 kg/m GOST 8165-75

Minimum order quantity: 30.000 m/t on one year contract basis.
The rails are cut to the lenght of 1,5m.
Current CIF ASWP price is: 270 U$D per m/t
Also we can provide HMS 1&2 at the price: 260 U$D per m/t.

Delivery: 30-45 days after receipt of LC
Port or Yard: Port visit is allowed after contract is signed only
before/during loading of your shipment.
Inspection: SGS at port of loading at Seller's cost.

The offer above will become valid after buyer provide legal format of
LOI and BCL.
Supply Capacity
1500000 per year
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Minimum Order Quantity
30000 m/t
Terms of Payment