Sell VAG COM CAN bus with USB interface VAS5053

VAG COM CAN bus with USB interface VAS5053 You May Also Be Interested In: can bus vag com
*USB connector plugs into most modern laptops! (USB 1. 1 or 2. 0)
*Compatible with the latest cars which require a direct CAN connection for diagnostics including all Golf-5 platform cars and latest Audi A3, A6 and A8.

*Protocol timing indistinguishable from a real VAG/VAS tool. Works reliably even with "difficult" control modules such as the 1991-1994 1Z Audi TDIs and the 1993-1994 Audi 2. 6L with Hella ECU.
*Built-In VAG-Saver functionality -- instantly alerts the user if either the K/K1 line or the L/K2 line is shorted to Ground or Vbatt.

*Full support for dual-K lines found in "new" (B6/8E chassis Audi A4 and 2002+ Audi A6 -- no VAS-6017 required -- no manual switches!
*Fully backwards compatible with older cars using a single K-line or K plus L.

*Bi-Color (red/green) status/activity LED