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What is CAN and why is it important?
CAN stands for Controller Area Network. CAN is a new means of communicating with the car for diagnostics used by the latest generations of VW, Audi, SEAT, and Skoda vehicles. Unlike the older ISO9141 system, which used a single K-line for diagnostic communications, the new CAN-Bus system uses a twisted pair of wires with differential signaling. CAN is considerably faster than ISO-9141 (500 kpbs vs. 10.4 kbps) . Both new hardware and new software are required in order to communicate with cars using CAN for diagnostics.

What Cars Use CAN for Diagnostics?
All Golf-5 platform cars (A5 platform)
2003+ VW Touran (1T chassis)
2004+ VW Golf (1K chassis)
2004+ VW Caddy (2K chassis)
2004+ Audi A3 (8P chassis)
2004+ Seat Altea (5P chassis)
2004+ Skoda Octavia (1Z chassis)
2005+ Seat Toledo (5P chassis)
2005+ Golf Plus (5M chassis)
2005+ Seat Leon (1P chassis)
2005.5+ Jetta (1K chassis)
2003+ Audi A8 and A8L (D3 platform, 4E chassis)
2005+ Audi A6 (C6 platform, 4F chassis)
2005+ Audi A4 ("B7" platform) (some control modules)
2005.5+ VW Passat (B6 Platform, 3C chassis)