Sell VAV unit, conditioner

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Vertical VAV unit
1. Cooling coils have two, three, four pipes for options, and there are many production choices.
2. Products have secondary pressure test, and the test pressure is 25kg/cm2. other brand products only have one pressure test, and the pressure is small.
3. The special design of 45-dgree tilting pipe increses heat transfer area, and reduces the height of horizontal unit effectively.
4. Units are compact, low-height, light weight, and have a preponderance cooling performance.
5. Low-noise motor with metal protection outside not only protects motor against electricial damage, but also reduces the noise, and the noise is lower 3~4 than other brand products.
6. The whole body of the unit uses excellent quality galvanized
steel sheet, and has phosphating and electrostatic spray treatment in the surface, and it's beautiful, durable and long life. All sidebords have reinforcing steel bars, durable and esay to maintain.
7. All coils are made of outfit import processing equipments, use excellent quality thread finned cuprum tubes and ensure maximum efficiency of heat transfer.