Sell VCI  Adhesive Tape(plaster)

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VCI Adhesive Tape(plaster)
This product is made from environmentworthy and high flexible plastic, multi-metal volatile corrosion inhibitor and other addiction agent by heating them a bit and coating the mixture on plastic film or fiber fabric(depending on the application) . The underlying material is durable and of strong intensity, which is stretch-resistant, collision-resistant and piercing-resistant. The sticking methord differs according to the size , figure, structure of the metal goods.
This product is easy to use, a little press can make it stick to the goods firmly. After the tape peeled off, the surface of the metal is luminous and clean as if it was new. Good sealability, anti-corrosivity, and electrical-insulativity can be attained after this product is used. The equipment and manchine can be protected from corrosion, no matter whether the surface is smooth or there are small holes, finestra or deep groove. Even the equipment of very complicated structure can be well protected. This adhersive tape(plaster) is especially suitable for the equipment and guild apparatus of machine tools with acies, edge or thorn, which is not suitable to be packed by VCI film or VCI bag. It can also be used for the protection of the ungalvanized and unspray-painted side of the metal. Together with VCI sponge(foam) and VCI coating, this product can provide specially excellent anti-corrosion protection for intelligent most advanced and sophisticated electron equipment in the condition of high temperature, humidity and salt fog.