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VCI paper is a new antirust packaging material produced by coating volatile corrosion inhibitor (VCI) on anti-rust base paper. It uses corrosion inhibition gas that volatile corrosion inhibitor contained in the paper automatically volatilizes in normal temperature, to adsorb on metal surface to form molecule protection cover, thus to achieve the goal of steel antirust. The product is safe and of environmental protection, and its properties reach the requirement of Japan JIS international advanced standard.
Specification and variety of products:
Variety: PO type / PA type / PC type
Patten: VCI+antirust base paper (+PE film+ weaved cloth)
Thickness: 0.035~0.155mm
Antirust period: More than 3 years
Product features:
1, It is safe and reliable, does not include materials that will affect the environment such as nitrite salt and phosphate, etc.
2, It has excellent gas phase and contact antirust performance, and can protect complicated pieces of structure.
3, Tested by National Research Center for Corrosion Control, properties of our products are in accordance with national QB1319 standard (steel) requirement.
4, It is simple and convenient, integrating antirust and packaging function.
5, Clean antirust packaging, and can be used directly after seal removing.
6, Attractive packages and can provide printing service according to users requirement.
Applicable field:
1. Car and motorcycle field: Bearing, clutch, motor, valve and various metal spare parts;
2. Mechanical field: Mechanical spare parts, medical machinery and precision instrument;
3. Steel products field: Carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron, steel phosphatization, steel nitridation, steel flange, powder metallurgy, orientation silicon steel, and non-orientation silicon steel, etc.
4. Various cast iron pieces, electric tools, hardware, powder metallurgy, measuring tools, cutting tools and aviation parts;
5. Various copper, aluminium, tin-plating, cadmium-plating, silver-plating, zinc-plating and etc.
Packaging and storage:
1. Product should be stored in a dry and cool place and sealed, avoiding original packages damaged;
2. The storage period of the product is one year since date of production.
Operation method:
1. Use volatile corrosion inhibiting materials correctly according to regulations of GB/T 14188
2. Use single piece antirust packaging material of metal parts as middle layer cushion paper or internal repaired layer of packaging unit;
3. Products coated with polyethylene have certain waterproof function, and can be used directly as external packaging materials;
4. Guarantee cleanness and dryness of the metal material packaged;
5. Place the surface that contains corrosion inhibitor towards the mental package;
6. Guarantee the relative sealing performance after packaging.
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