Sell VCI Pressuresensitive Adhesive Sponge

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VCI Pressuresensitive Adhesive Sponge
It is for the seal preservation for weapons, machines and the spare parts in iron cupboard or plastic containers. The sponge is easy to stick and easy to remove. No trace and spot will be left on the surface of the pretected article. Stick the sponge to all inner walls of the container by the side with glue first. And then lay these articles which have been washed clean and dried into the container before closing the door. If the door is not airproof, stick a piece of adhesive tape on it. The container can be opened at any time for inspection, but don't leave the container open for more than 6 hours, in case that the anti-corossion effect would fade.
The adhesive pressuresensitive sponge is of low cost, convient to use and reliable, it can be replaced by new one so that the anti-corrosion period can be extented.