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KEYSUN 2100 VCI MasterBatch is a specialty anti-corrosion PE Additive. The primary function of this VCI MasterBatch additive is to provide anti-corrosion properties in PE film. In addition, this MasterBatch can also be used to produce VCI Bubble Wrap, VCI Foam and other packaging materials. KEYSUN VCI MasterBatch provides corrosion protection for all types of metals. The automotive industry, steel industry, Marine Industry and the military are some major consumers of VCI protective packaging materials to prevent their metallic parts and equipments from corrosion especially during shipping and long term storage.
Product Description:
KEYSUN VCI Masterbatch is a Nitrite-Free anti-corrosion masterbatch designed for both ferrous and most of the non-ferrous metals. The VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) additives in Keysun-VCIMB-2100 are partly based on chemicals with enough energy (vapor pressure) to release the active anticorrosion molecules from the film and out in the environmental air to protect the metal packed from corrosion. Extrusion of polyethylene film with SP-VCIMB-2001 will produce a finished product that combines the properties of polyethylene resin and the VCI which will solve the corrosion problems. It is available with color pigment as well as without color pigment. With color pigment masterbatch, the film will give transparent bluish-green color film.
Product Application:
Keysun-VCIMB-2100 is blended with polyethylene resin (LDPE/ LLDPE) with a concentration of 2-3% by weight depending on the thickness of the film or application and requested shelf life. The length of protection anticipated by film containing VCIMB is 2 years when extruded with ideal processing guideline. We recommend that an evaluation is made in every single case to confirm that the anticorrosion effect is fulfilling the demands. It is also recommended to conduct the field tests before regular production.
25 Kg masterbatch packed in high barrier Al. Foil Laminate with the inside liner of HMHDPE film for maximum humidity protection.
Handling and storage:
We recommend indoor storage at maximum 300 C in stores which is clean, dry and ventilated. Storage period in the original package is 12 months. Opened bags should be closed very tightly after use for further storing.
Environmental Aspects:
Keysun-VCIMB-2100 is completely free from nitrite which is considered as carcinogenic. It does not contain substances which are considered as dangerous to the health, neither in the production phase of film, nor in the use of the end product. Films containing Keysun-VCIMB-2100 can be recycled as material and as energy.
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