VERTICAL TURRET LATHE DKZ 6300 You May Also Be Interested In: turret lathe vertical turret vertical turret lathe
Producer: WMW NILES
Origin: Germany
New in: 1966

Maximum swing over carriage
- lateral: 6000mm
- upper: 6300mm

Minimum turning diameter with side carriage: 4000mm
Maximum workpiece height: 2500mm

Maximum distance bottom margin of upper slide gripper and table: 2530 mm

Table diameter: 5300 mm
Cross traverse: 2300 mm

Minimum swing inside diameter: 420 mm
Maximum traverse carriage upper horizontal: 2460 mm
Maximum traverse carriage upper vertical: 1780 mm
Vertical support turn: 1 30
Cone turn range: 150-700
Maximum dimension of shank cutter: 70 x 65 mm
Table turn range: 0,35 - 14,0 rpm/min
Travers range: 0,10  5,6 mm/rpm
Max. workpiece weight: 50 000kg
Overall dimensions
Length: 15000 mm
Width: 10600 mm
Height: 7000mm
Power of main engine: 100,0 kW
Installed power: 120,0 kW
Electric supply, alternating current: 380 V
Total weight of the machine: 187 t