Sell VFD - Variable Frequency Inverter

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Product Characteristic:
1, Control Mode: SAPWM vector control.
2, 0.00~400.00Hz Output frequency range:0.00~400HZ
3, Instruction Passage Mode: Operator Panel , Terminal Control, Long-distance communication control.
4, Frequency setting the signal :number keyboard , Analog setting ( current , voltage signal ) . Long-distance setting , Multi-Phase speed setting. Terminal assembled . PID closed-loop setting.
5, big Jump-start torque: 0.5 HZ/150%
6, 1.0K~10.0KHz Carrier frequency range:1.0K~10KHz
7, DC Current Braking : Start and Stop DC current braking can be adjusted solely.
8, Speed control precision: 10.5% the top speed (SVC) Automatism voltage modulate: ( AVR) : Can keep output voltage invariableness automatically when the power net and voltage changes.
9, Automatism restrict current : can restrict the Maximum current of the motor. And can protect the inverter and the motor reliably.
10, PLC program control: Single Cycle, continuous loop, wobble control and are fit for all kinds of fields demand.
11, Input , output terminal are programmable and are convenient for user.
12, Analog signals output , voltage and current can be selected.
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