Sell VFL-III Optical Fiber Fault Detector

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[Uses Way]
With the fiber optic connector the thioindigo red introduction optical fiber, may serve as in the multi-core fiber optics the core comparison; , because inspects OTDR to be unable Zha Dao the optical fiber fault point (break point, to start or the end optical fiber characteristic) and the high loss sector which micro causes curved. For example, the optical fiber jumps in the line, the tail filament, the connecting box optical fiber core or the bare optical fiber (plain camlets) and so on. The optical fiber recognition distance may amount to above eight kilometers, is service kit which each optical fiber technical personnel must provide.

[Merit Can]
Searches the break point, curving, the coupling breakdown type break; In OTDR blind spot trouble shooting; End-to-end optical fiber recognition; Uses the general adaptive head, does not have needs to replace the adaptive head.

[Application Method]
Before the test, must carry on to the fiber optic link component cleanly the optical fiber plug and detector's output interface connection, presses the detector switch, the detector is the output obvious red light, the user may act according to the red light determination breakdown optical fiber or the sleeve coupling break point and micro curved.

Model: VFL-III
Light source: LD
Wavelength: 650 nm
Output power(SM) : >=2mw (3dBm)
Distance : >=8 Km (Visible)
Optical connector: (SC\FC\ST) / PC or APC
Operating environment -10 degree~ +50 degree (non-condensing)
Storage environment -20 degrees ~ +80 degree (non-condensing)
Weight (include battery) : 228 g
Length: 185 mm
Diameter: 24mm
Continuous working time: 16 hours

[Uygur Protecting ]
1, the optical fiber fault detector's outlet is the precision optics component, must handle with care in the use process, protects the change for the better attachment end surface to be clean, prevents to fall bumps and switches over the head end surface to enter the dust to enter the water, refuses the human eye looking straight ahead red light.
2, the warranty period 6 months, after surpassing the warranty period, the service must collect the materials expenses.
3, the artificial use create improper damage (for example: Falls bumps) and the disassemblies in does not maintain in voluntarily the scope, the user must service, must collect the maintenance cost and the materials expenses. After
4, receives the arrival of shipment, please approve in seven days, if found that the problem please promptly relate with us
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