Sell VGA Card  ATI RADEON 9600 AGP 8X 256MB, DDR, 128Bit

VGA Card  ATI RADEON 9600 AGP 8X 256MB, DDR, 128Bit You May Also Be Interested In: 9600 agp agp 8x 256mb ati radeon 9600 ati radeon 9600 agp radeon 9600 agp 8x
Sunny-R96PRO / ATI RADEON 9600 Series



Support AGP8X

Video Output Function

TV-Out (S-Video connector)

DVI Connector

Support Memory

128MB or 256MB, DDR, 128Bit


Powered by AGP 8X ATI. RADEON. 9600 PRO (VPU)

Supports 128-bit of 128MB DDR memory for today's demanding games, applications,

effects and animation

Integrated 4 parallel rendering pipelines and 4 parallel geometry engines for incredibly fast

3D graphics performance coupled with sophisticated real-time visual effects

SMARTSHADER 2.1 technology supports the latest Microsoft. DirectX. 9.0 feature

sets, enabling more complex and cinematic-quality lighting effects

SMOOTHVISION 2.1 technology delivers the sharpest, clearest textures, removes

jaggies and brings out fine texture details without sacrificing frame rateS

128-bit full floating point precision enables billions of color variations to render the same

lighting and effects as Hollywood studios

Full AGP 8X support doubles available bandwidth for the most engaging gameplay in its


ATI's new FULLSTREAM technology removes blocky artifacts from Streaming and

Internet video and provides sharper image quality

Display configuration supports CRT, DVI-I & TV-Out

Support DirectX. 9.0 and the latest OpenGL. functionality for unprecedented realism

and sophisticated visual effects

Bundled Hydravision Multiple Monitor Management Software provides a flexible, user-

friendly interface for multiple display settings

Industry-leading hardware DVD video playback with software DVD player support

Integrated 400Mhz RAMDAC to supports maximum 3D resolutions (32-bit color) up to


Support Optional Video-in feature for Video Edit

Operating Systems Support

Windows. XP

Windows. 2000

Windows. Me
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