VIBRATORY SCREENERS You May Also Be Interested In: vibratory screens
Our vibratory screens are mainly used in the food, pharmaceuticla, chemical and petrochemical industries. Within the equipments of this line, we can underline the circular screen, flow-thru and rectangular screens.
Circular screens are ideal to separate and classify of solids-solids and solids-liquids. They are in-line equipments that come in different sizes and with the possibility to implement them auxiliary equipments that allow to conserve an efficient screening for the products characteristics. Besides facilitating inspection labors, screen scrubbing and equipment assembly on the field.
The circular screens are available in sizes from 18 to 72 of diameter, ranging dimensions of 30, 48 and 60.
The screens offered by VIBRASEC S. A. allow the sifting of particles with different grain-size distribution from those with dimensions from 37 microns (Mesh #400) to 11.1 millimeters (Mesh #2) . These are manufactured in 304 type stainless steel, and with the possibility to make them re-change of screen to reduce costs in its replacement due to damages or normal wearing away presented during its operation
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