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The Coconut Diet in its simplest form is simply replacing all trans fatty acids and other unhealthy polyunsaturated oils in your diet with Coconut Oil. The only other cooking oils we recommend are Virgin Palm Oil, extra virgin olive oil, unrefined sesame oil, and organic grass fed butter. To experience the weight loss effects and other health benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil, most people take between 2-4 tablespoons a day. There are many ways to incorporate coconut oil into your diet.
Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) is processed from fresh coconut, not from copra. It produce without heating, without fermentation, and without chemical adds. Its pure organic. Maybe you call it Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.
Virgin Coconut Oil is a true health super food designed by God with exceptional antiviral, antibacterial, antioxidant (anti cancer) , antifungal properties and the ability to considerably strengthen your immune system.
Virgin Coconut Oil is particularly well suited to:
- Significantly help you lose weight
- Prevent premature aging while rejuvenating your skin
- Improve conditions in those with diabetes, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia
- Provide a powerful defense against Crohns, IBS, and other digestive disorders
- Promote healthy thyroid function and aid in Candida yeast infections
- Optimize your cholesterol
- Boost your daily energy levels
Virgin Coconut Oil trusted can heal many disease like HIV-AIDS, Hepatitis, Tuberculoses, Diabetes, High Cholesterols, and many others just because it contains :
- Energy = 6.8 cal/gr;
- Saturated fat = 92%
- Polyunsaturated fat = 2%
- Monosaturated fat = 6%
With compositions :
- Lauric acid = 46%-48%
- Caprilic acid = 8%
- Caprat acid = 7%
- Caproat acid = 0,5%
- Free Fatty Acid 0.05% Max.
- Moisture + Impurities 0.05% Max.
- Iodine Value 7.5 - 10.5
- Melting Point 24

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