Sell VISION 1014V DIY Compact & Upgradable Car Alarm System

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The Vision 1014V is an an ultra-compact Do-It-Yourself Installable, fully-upgradable security system. Perfect for retail channels that do no offer professional installation. No vehicle electronics experience required. Simplest installation involves only 2 wires.

Durable and weatherproof Alarm Unit can be installed inside the vehicle or in the engine compartment. The user can then connect other system inputs later to enhance security. Appeals to buyers wanted a simple, low-cost system, but also has merit for resellers who can offer a wide variety of add-on options to the customer in the future.

The complete system includes a high-power 125dB 6-tone siren, Active-IR 2-stage shock sensor (no false triggers) , two 2-button waterproof transmitters, alarm unit with built-in 115dB "Pain Generator" siren, and status LED.

(All our manuals are written by native, American English-speaking electrical engineers, experienced in automotive electronics. )

* Active IR 2-Stage Shock Sensor
* Remote Start, Turbo Timer Compatible
* Vehicle Light Flash
* Built-in 115dB one-Tone Piezo Siren
* Secondary 120dB "American" 6-tone Siren
* 2 Remotes Included

Operating Voltage: (+)12v DC
Alarm Unit Operating Temp: -40 to +110 C
Current Consumption: 5mA (control module w/ LED flashing)
Onboard Fuse: 5A mini blade
Shock Sensor Consumption: 7.8mA

Ruggedly built for installations inside the cabin or inside the engine compartment. Ultra-compact design, fits most anywhere. Includes secondary siren. We ecommend installing the secondary siren inside the engine compartment and the alarm unit inside the car, so the alarm unit can act as a loud pain generator if the thief enters the vehicle. Simple DIY user-installable system. Can easily be upgraded to add new features/sensors/pager as needed.
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
2,500 units per month
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
1-45 days
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
50 units
Power Requirements
Terms of Payment
Terms of Sale
FOB Nagoya Japan or FOB Taipei Taiwan
Warranty Coverage
Limited Lifetime (from dealer)