Sell VMCH or H15/45M or VMCC or VMCA countertype

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Vinyl Chloride / Vinyl Acetate / Maleic Acid Copolymer


BDCH vinyl resin is a high molecular weight carboxyl-functional terpolymer comprised of vinyl chloride, vinyl acetate, and maleic acid. It is supplied as a powder.


BDCH vinyl resin is used to make heat-sealable packaging coatings and adhesives, metal food can linings, and maintenance and marine coatings, as well as a wide variety of clear and pigmented inks and coatings for paper, film, foil, and fabric.


1. Highly flexible, post-formable coatings on metal coil and sheet
2. Adhesion to vinyl, metals, concrete, and cellulosic substrates
3. Tasteless, odorless
4. Confrom to regulations for use in food and medicine applications

Physical Properties(1)

Appearance White
Molecular Weight, Number Average 27,000
Granularity(40 mesh) % 100
Adhesion Number ml/g 54~56
Sight Specific Gravity 0.65
Volatile % max 1
Impurity number /100g max 10
Percent vinyl chloride % 85~86
Percent vinyl acetate % 13~14
Percent Maleic acid % 0.9~1.1
Solubility (20% MEK & Toluene Solution) Colorless transparent