Sell VN Decorative Concrete - WOOD SLAB

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Wood Slab
K-W Paving
a. Specification: mm 300x300x400 (15)
' Packing: 156Pcs/crate
' Weight: 7.6 kg/pc - 1,186.00 kg/crate

b. Specification: mm 300x600x40 (15)
' Packing: 80 Pcs/crate
' Weight: 15.5 kg/pc - 1,186.00 kg/crate

2. Materials: Cement, sand, stone, inorganic pastel (Bayer-Germany) , and other chemicals used in construction.
Size 300x600x40 upward is reinforced with steel.
Since mixing inorganic pastel directly into concrete, fast color used for outdoor.

3. Packing:
Products are packed in crates (export standard) with spongy packed.
An average 20 crates per container.

4. Production Capability:
X Mm 300x300x40: 1 container per month
X Mm 300x600x40: 2 container per month

We will arrange production (add shape) for every of your demand, event over the above mentioned capability.
For an order: 01 container at least.

5. Price: FOB HCMC
7 Black paint (rotten like) : US$11.25/m2
7 PU paint: US$ 17.50/m2.
Mm 300x300x40: 11 pcs/m2
Mm 300x600x40: 5,5 pcs/m2.