Sell VO124 Explosive/ Drugs Mini-Detector

VO124 Explosive/ Drugs Mini-Detector You May Also Be Interested In: automobile tire drugs
VO124 is an mini type active Explosive/ Drugs Detector designed to find explosive or drugs concealed by suitcase, automobile tire, sandwich plate of car door, mail, and package, etc.
Features and Functions:
1. Detecting both of explosives and drugs
(1) Types of explosive: All kinds of commercial and military explosive and plastic bomb.
(2) Types of drugs: Most known toxic drugs
2. Sensitivity:
(1) Extremely high sensitivity.
(2) Different levels of adjustable sensitivity fitting for more requirements. Very low False alarm rate and Miss alarm rate.
3. Easy and simple to operate.
4. Instantaneous response. Five levels of response time: 1/4, 1/2, 1, 2, and 3 seconds, that can be selected by users.
5. Alarm Mode: Both visual and audible
6. Long term stability and Safety in use.
7. Other Indicator: Photon counts Low battery voltage, Explosive indication---E, Drugs indication---D.
1. Electrical Supply: 9V battery
2. Useful Time: above 10 years
3. Radiation Dose: closely gamma background of surroundings
4. Environment Conditions:
Work: Temp. : -150~ +450
R. H: 95% (+450)
Storage: Temp. : -400~+650
R. H: <=95% (+400)
5. Dimensions: 15.1W7.0W4.0cm
6. Net Weight: 0.75KG