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Uniclear Companys VOC catalyst filter is characterized at low air resistance, long life and the performance indexes higher than the Japanese similar products.
Work principle: Decomposing the adsorbed organic gases by catalyst.
Test equipment: 30m3 standard test chamber, VOC multi-parameter tester
Structure: corrugated structure
Major indexes: Air resistance < 15 Pa
Efficiency: tested by American IBR lab in 30m3 test chamber with the initial concentration 2ppm.
200cm2X 10mm VOC catalyst filter, air volume: 150m3/h
Carriers: Paper honeycomb, ceramic honeycomb
Application scope:
1. Air cleaner using
2. Small type plug-in air cleaner, vehicular air cleaner
3. Evaporative humidifying machine, dehumidifiers and air-conditioning fan
4. Air condition accessories, installed behind the water washing net.
5. Central air conditioning ventilation filtration and air outlet accessories.
6. Oven, barbecue grill, micro-wave oven and other high temperature occasions (ceramic honeycomb coating) .
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