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Integration of voice and data networks will substantially reduce the voice communication costs for residential and business users. Now the VoIP customer premise equipmentsare no longer experimental products, they are being widely used as the appliances in real life. The phone lines are being removed from the bundle of twisted lines in your office, and the existing POTS phones are being replaced by the IP phones quickly.

The SFGW800 series are Perfect for the Business. Everything that you need in one package. Firewall, router. Offering advanced calling features, Transfer, Hold, 3-way Calling, Caller ID and Call Waiting, it even supports FAX, Enables PBX connection to VoIP Services. Whether a office or business the SFGW800 series provides you with a complete single package communications solution
-Support H.323 , SIP protocols
-2 Ethernet Ports
-Bridge/Router function
-Support dynamic IP mode
-Call protection
-Out route selection and call functions .
-Safety authentication ,
-Remote management, upgrade and maintenance
-Intelligent routing
-Power off protection
-Caller ID checking and displaying
-Busy tone self-learning
-Voice record and IVR programmable
-Polarity reversal billing provided
-Comfort noise generation and value adjustment.
-Support T38, T30, FRF
4-Port Series: SFGW400, SFGW440, SFGW422
8-Port Series: SFGW800, SFGW880, SFGW844
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