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Startcom VOIP gateway: (1) SIP, IAX2 and T.38 protocol support. (2) 2 RJ45 ports (one for WAN, one for LAN) , 2 RJ11 ports (one for FXS, one for PSTN) . (3) superb audio quality (with Infineon chipset) . (4) lifeline support. (5) built-in DHCP router.

VOIP gateway ATA-2000A supportS SIP protocol and T.38 Fax protocol. Its lifeline function supports PSTN relay when device power down or VoIP service is not available. With built-in DHCP router, it can be acted as a router to connect with HUB or PC.

Key Features:

. Support two SIP servers running at the same time
. Redundancy SIP server support
. NAT, Firewall
. DHCP client and server
. Support PPPoE (used for ADSL, cable modem connceting
. Support major G7. xxx CODEC
. G.165 compliant 16ms echo cancellation
. E.164 dial plan and customized dial rules
. Support Lifeline
. Hotline
. Call Forward, Call Transfer,3-way conference calls
. Call ID display
. DND (Do Not Disturb) , Black List, Limit List
. Reverse polarity
. Voice prompt
Supply Capacity
Model Number