VR1000B FORWARD GAUSS You May Also Be Interested In: copper tin
1. Introduction:
VR Long Range Locators is a series of device purported to be a type of metal detector used to detect deposits of gold or similar precious materials; most are said to operate on a priciple of resonance with the material being detected.
The VR1000B is an extremely accurate locator developed based on FORWARD GAUSS Remote Sensing Detector System for finding DEEP BURIED TARGETS. Through years of testing, we have now built advanced technology into this easy to use machine. The keys to locating and pinpointing caches have now been solved.
2. Features and Functions:
(1) Most common frequencies are gold, silver, diamonds, copper, tin, aluminum, etc.
(2) Detecting Range: 500-1000m
(3) Detecting Depth: Max. 30m
(4) After tracking target, you will have the targets size, depth, identification and the exact pinpoint.
(5) The face (front) of the transmitter has six LEDs (channel indicator lights) across the top, each is labeled for a particular element.
3. Components:
(1) A black case with aluminum trim, a handle and two locks.
(2) External Battery Port
(3) The Belt Receiver
(4) Head Phones
(5) Receiving Rods
(6) Battery Charger, AC/DC adapter, input AC 115V, output DC 9V.
(7) Antenna
(8) Operators Manual
4. Specification:
(1) Max Detection: 15~30m
(2) Detect Range: 500-1000m
(3) Rechargeable Battery: Continuous working 48 hours
(4) Power: 850mA
(5) Frequency: 433Mhz+/-150Khz
(6) Inner Storage: EEPROM 16k*8Bit
(7) Voltage: 9~12VDC
(8) Temperature Range: -400~850
(9) Operating Humidity: 0~95% (non-condensing)
(10) Ultrasonic Frequency: 400-3000Mhz+/-150Khz
(11) Weight: 14LBS