Sell VR3000 metal detector

VR3000 metal detector
frequency range ultrasonic : 400-3000 Mhz +/- 150 Khz

 maximum continuous output : 850 mA

Frequency Range : 433 MHZ +/- 150 KHZ

internal memory : EEPROM 16k x 8 Bit

 service voltage : 9 - 12 V DC

 Storage Temperature : -40 C to +85 C

 Operating Humidity : 0-95% No Condensation

The following are step-by-step directions on the use of the antenna and system. Consult diagram to help you with these directions.

Insert the antenna. While the antenna covers an area 360 around it, the best useable area is that area radiating in front of and to 60 from each side of the antenna. This area is enclosed within the dashed lines of the diagram.

After you have established this sector; move to one of the edge of one of the angles, approximately 15 from the antenna. You can be as close as 10 to a maximum of 18. You dont need to go any further from the antenna than this to determine whether there is a possible target in the area covered between the two angles. Set the headset volume to the lowest setting that you can still hear. Now begin walking the arc between the two angles. You will hear a gradual increase in the tone as you approach the center of the arc. This tone will gradually decrease as you pass the arc and move toward the other angle. If you cross a target line, as you walk the arc, you will experience a sharp increase in tone that will immediately decrease as you pass the line. If you experience this, the rods should also cross. Walk over that area again but this time place a flag where the sharp tone begins and another where it ends. Continue to the far edge of the arc. Now walk back across the arc. If you again experience the sharp increase in the tone place a flag at the beginning and end as you did before.
The target line is in the center between the flags. Take a compass reading of that line.

Now move the antenna to another location on the site and repeat the procedure above. The target is where the lines cross.

battery: 24hours

 weight:about14 LBS

depth: 30m