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BOLDER VRLA battery is specially designed for the UPS high discharge rate, which is sealed, maintenance-free, lightweight, anti-explosive and non-polluting batteries.

Capacity range: 6/12V from 26Ah to 260Ah;
2V from 100Ah to 3000Ah;
Cycle life: 8 years much higher than similar products
30% depth of discharge, the cycle life is about 1400 times
50% depth of discharge, the cycle life is about 800 times
100% depth of discharge, the cycle life is about 400 times
Charge: Instacharge unique patented design makes charging more fully
self-discharge rate is low: The battery storage life is longer than 14 months
In accordance with international standards JIS 8702C, and testing agencies recognized by QS9000

UPS, DC power supply, back-up emergency power, telecommunication equipment, emergency light, railway signal, wind energy system, power station ect

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