Sell VTN4530-13(tubular motor)

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As a professional manufacturer and supplier of tubular motors and related accessories in China mainland , we have developed 9 TEKO series of tubular motors since TEKO is created in 2001. According to the function, our motor can be divided into Standard type & Manual type; for its diameter, we have 35mm (5N. m, 8N. m, 10N. m) , 45mm (10N. m, 15N. m, 20N. m, 25N. m 30N. m, 35N. m , 40N. m) , and 57mm (60N. m, 80N. m, 100N. m) 59mm (60N. m, 80N. m,100N. m) .

TEKO tubular motors are well received all over the world , we are a professional exporter for OEM orders. TEKO tubular motors mainly export to Europe. We take a 5-year warranty for our motors.

Our products are of the advantage of compact dimension , easy installation, low noise , smooth running and good appearance. Our tubular motors can run up and down for 1,5000 times and keep in a good condition, as you know the European standard is only 7,000 times. Also we have a very high requirements to the noise control, nearly all the customers are attracted by our good noise control.

We have a high standard quality control system not only to the whole products, also to each inner parts of the motors. All of products have got CE&TUV certifications. We TEKO deep know it is very important for making a good quality product to be with high quality parts
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