Sell Vacuum Bi-polar Radio Frequency Beauty System

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Treatment Principle:
Radio-Frequency wave permeates epidermis and take effect on the collagen-rich dermal tissue directly which makes water molecules in the skin move to and fro wildly. The move produces controllable heat and results in contraction of collagen and generation of new collagen and dermal remodeling. As a result, the skin looks tighter, wrinkles reduce gradually.
Treatment Scope of RF:
1. Face: Thin line, forehead wrinkle, cheek line, wrinkle around lip, acne, neck line, double chin, skin-smoothing
2. Eye: The RF is effective for eyelid-sagging, crow?-feet, wrinkles under eye and pouch
3. Chest: Enhance chest shape, breast-beautifying and chest-strengthening
4. Body: Tighten the loose-skin of Arm, waist, abdomen, leg and pregnancy line.

10 Application of RF
1. Skin tightening
2. Improving skin-elasticity and skin-shine
3. Deep and light wrinkles Eliminating
4. Pregnancy line restoring
5. Skin-metabolism improving
6. Divide bacterium and diminish inflammation
7. Pore contracted
8. Shape beautiful figure

Advantages of RF:
1. Controllable negative pressure attraction: Skin tissue is attracted by negative pressure into the place between two electrodes, inhalational tissue can be controlled accurately
2. Simple operation: User-friendly man-machine conversation interface makes operation clearer and more accurate
3. Two big systems: Automatic identifying system of skin-resistance and Temperature test & control system of underlying collagen
4. Energy accuracy control: Automatic control of energy in treated area through digital and micro-control system
5. Radio Frequency: Energy is transmitted to the place between two electrodes, the current permeates target tissue and generate heat
6. Simple maintenance: The RF machine is designed according to blocking technology and makes maintenance simple and convenient
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