Sell Vacuum Board

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1. characteristic:
With setting electrically-heated device in table-board and die head, it is provided with vacuum moisture absorption to Ironing worktable --Ironing table. It is useful for removing crinkle, stereotype, trim, moisture absorption. It is applicable to every kind of material, cloth, drapery, It is necessary for apparel fabric of garment (cotton, feather, hemp, silk, fibre ) on making clothing industry and semi-manufactured goods & finished product of habiliment.
2. model:
Model & parameter TDZ-BI TDZ-BII TDZ-QBI
Table exterior size (mm) 820*1220 820*1520 350*1000
Motor power (w) 750 750 750
Table heated-pipe power (w) 750 750 750
die head heated-pipe power (W) 500 500 250
power supply voltage (v) 220 220 220
Table air-suction pressure (Pa) than -150 than -150 than -150
die head air-suction pressure (Pa) than -150 than -150 than-150
Minimum Order Quantity