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Vacuum degasser removes gas from gas-trapped drilling fluid in oil field. This device is the latest degasser developed by our company, suitable for all kinds of mud cleaning system. It helps to recover the mud density and stabilize the mud viscosity, thus reducing the drilling cost. At the same time, if there are no gas bubbles in the mud, this device can be used alternatively as a large capacity stirring device.

Main technical parameters

A. ZCQ1/4 vacuum degasser

capacity: 3 m3/min.

vacuum level: 0.3-0.4

ratio: 1.67

power of the vacuum pump: 3 KW

power of the main electric motor: 15 KW

rotating speed: 876 rpm

dimensions: 1800x800x1400 mm

B. ZCQ1/6 vacuum degasser

capacity: 4 m3/min.

vacuum level: 0.5-0.7

power of the vacuum pump: 5.5 KW

dimensions: 2200 W1800 W1600mm