Sell Vacuum Interrupter (ZKTJ-200/1140 TYPE)

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Vacuum Interrupter (ZKTJ-200/1140 TYPE)
ZKTJ type, ZKTDtype porcelain vacuum switch pipe make insulation shell and pipe with high alumina porcelain make medium with high vacuum, thus its volume is little , endure high voltage and minute to break, ability is strong the length of service life , Chu head need not repair , especially because of its electric arc not outside dew, safe reliable advantage, is coal, power, chemical engineering and metallurgical, petroleum etc. industrial department place extensive adopting.
This product matches with suitable hold motivation Gou, may assemble is broken motor, transformer and condenser high , in the alternating circuit breaker or alternating contactor of low voltage, is used in is high , in the distribution control equipment of low voltage, let remote put through and divide into group etc. , special suitable composition separate Bao type magnetic force starter.
Technical parameter
Specified working voltage 1140V
Specified working current 200A
Specified put through ability 2KA,100 Frequency
Specified minute break ability 1.6KA 25 Frequency
Limit divides into broken ability 4.5KA 3 Frequency
Specified is short withstand current 1.6KA
The specified duration of short circuit 10S
Work frequency withstand voltage 10KV
Electrical life AC4 6 ten thousands
Mechanical life 100 ten thousands
Chu head specified is away from open 2.0+_0.2mm
Chu head from close force 50+_5N
Chu head specified is away from open 65+_6.5N
Chu head from close force take off contact resistance <=1205(Ohms)
Chu the first thickness of permissible wear 1mm
The biggest quality of switch pipe 0.5Kg
Match to use contactor CJZ-200type