Sell Vacuum Pressure Point Electronic Cup (Pot)

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Cupping or firepot is a traditional Chinese medicinal treatment. It is widely known and loved for its ailment treating and body strengthening skills. Today, this ancient oriental treatment is receiving attention and validation in much of the modern world of medicine.

Product introduction

Recently, this treatment and its many types of equipments are being continuously developed and used. Replacing fire powered sets with vacuum, it is more adhesive, easier, safer, and more practical. Our product is a modern improvement on the old apparatus and when used in combination with home electronic physiotherapeutic devices, it not only contains the basic effects of this treatment, but can also reach higher results through the use of electronically imitated acupuncture and massage.
Instructions for Use
1. Apply electricity conductible rubber ring to the equipment and connect to power wire.
2. Dampen desired treatment area with water, and then apply the equipment.
3. Loosen valve located at top of cup, install vacuum pump onto top of cup and pump 2 to 4 times in order to increase negative pressure and achieve vacuum.
4. Connect power wire to device and adjust strength to an appropriate level.
5. Treatment time should be between 5 and 10 minutes, when treatment is over, lightly lift valve and the cup will detach.
1. Select muscular areas for treatment.
2. Do not use this equipment if you have severe heart disease, or experience chronic weakness. Do not apply the equipment to places with major blood vessels and the heart area.
3. During treatment, if you experience headache, dizziness, cold sweats, or tightness in the chest, remove the equipment and the symptoms should disappear. If they do not, consult a physician.
4. After treatment, if you experience redness or bruising of the skin, allow 3 to 5 days for these symptoms to disappear naturally. Blisters may also occur, allow them to disappear naturally. Or if they are too big, penetrate with a sterilized needle to relieve pressure, then sterilize area with alcohol.