Sell Vacuum Recovery Blast Machine

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It can be used in wiping off rust, coating, welding line, burr, oxide, dirt on the concrete and stone carving of the trade such as steel, shipyard, maritime affairs, petrochemicals, civil construction, bridge cleaning, water pipe, tunnel ect.
The vacuum recovery blast machine is extensively used in different trades. It has a lot of applied characteristics, for example, low blast medium wastage, automatic select abrasive and powder, automatic circle use abrasive. It has clean work environment without powder and pollution.
Technical parameter
Efficiency of cleaning rust: Sa2.5~Sa3
Steel fagade: 4~7 m2/h
Concrete fagade: 12~17 m2/h
Standard length: 20 m
Weight of blast head: 1.08 Kg
Abrasive: circle use abrasive such as grit, alumina, beading etc. Compress air consume: 6 m3/min, 7 kg/cm2
Blast medium volume: 50L
Nozzle diameter: 6.3 mm or 8 mm
Abrasive grain: 10~100 mesh
LengthWWidthWHeight: 1100W800W1700 mm
Weight: 200 Kg
Vacuum source
Max pipe length
Control method

30 m
Pneumatic remote control systems

40 m
Pneumatic remote control systems
Brand Name
Minimum Order Quantity