Sell Vacuum block moulding machine EPS-6000Z

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1. Touchable screen and PLC computer controller to be used in opening and shutting the door, sending, heating, keeping temperature, cooling, and releasing from mold.
2. Vacuum system to be used in sending, heating, cooling, keeping temperature
3. Vacuum system include such as, vacuum storing pot, cooler, high speeding water--circle vacuum pump.
4. The machine can, very efficiently, make block density can be 6-40kg/m3, in well distribute, lower water, un-deformed.
5. The special coating has been used inside of mold, for easing off from mold.
6. Thickened vacuum block molding machine has been attached electric scale, auto-transportation, and printer.
7. The machine can be a part of sandwich steel board of 850mm, 950mm, 1150mm, also can produce 1000mm board building materials.