Sell Vacuum blood collection set

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1) Plain tube: 1ml - 10ml
2) EDTA: 1ml - 10ml
3) Sodium fluoride: 1ml - 10ml
4) Heparin sodium: 1ml - 10ml
5) Heparin lithium: 1ml - 10ml
6) GEL: 1ml - 9ml
7) Plastic tube and glass tube
Effect and usage:
1, all sealed vacuum tubes can avoid direct touch between blood and operator. It thoroughly avoids the problem of appearing unclean spray like turning the sample blood with injectors, so it provides a real guarantee of safety to operators.

2, the medical butadiene styrene stopper guarantees the vacuum degree of the tube.

3, different preventing (promoting) congealed reagents are disposed in the tube, which can help absorb the correct amount of blood from blood vessels, and make the proportion between the blood and the congealed reagents accurate and standard. So the operator can put the tube upside down at will without blood leak and solidity.

4, all of these tubes are of the same standards. Put them on various kinds of analyzer for biochemical testing after collecting samples.

5, many tubes of blood can be got with one puncture, which can avoid multiple-injections, reduce the patients' sorrow, improve the effects and reduce the operator's work load. But most importantly, it can save two thirds of time than using an injector.
Brand Name
ISO9002, CE