Sell Vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaner
1. Dust Indicator
2. Automatic Cord rewind
3. Fashionable design and Outstanding appearance
4. HEPA Filter
5. Intellectual control technology
6. Tremendous turbo suction

Model HVC-101 HVC-201 HVC-301 HVC-401
Rated Voltage 220-240V 110-127/220-240V 220-240V 110-127/220-240V
Rated Frequency 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz 220-240V 50/60 Hz
Rated Power Input 1600W 1200/1400/1600W 1300/1400/1600W 600W
inhalational Power 300/360W 220/260/320W 200/300W 70W
Vacuum >= 20kpa 17/18/19kpa 18/19kpa 11.5kpa
Noise <= 82dB 80dB 81dB 80dB
Dust Capacity 3.5L 1.5L 2.5L 0.7L
Length of Power Cord 5M 5M 5M 4.5M
N. M. 7.2kg 6kg 5.5kg 2.3kg
G. W. 8.5kg 7.2kg 6.5kg 2.8kg
Dimensions(LWWWH) 568W315W355mm 420W420W555mm 495W310W295mm 235W165W175mm
Loading Quantity(20/40/40H) 438/936/1062 260/560/700 663W1367W1538 3708/7452/8862