Sell Vacuum closed circuit shotblast equipment

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We supply Vacuum closed circuite pressure blast machine at competitive price from China in large quantity. . .

Vacuum closed circuite pressure blast machine consists of pressure blast machine with remote control, blast hose, blast head assembly, reclaimer and vacuum pump recovery system, dust collector and cart. it is widely used fordescaling, surface texturing, and paint preparation, mainly used to clean bigger components, like steel structure, bridge, big tank body, used for big tanks vessel repaire, pipe rust removing at oil field, container renew, etc, andvacuum pump generated recovery system makes it to be used without dust and disposal problem.


1. automatically recover and recycle the abrasive without stoping to refill, reduce the abrasive consumption, eliminate sweeping and minimize abrasive disposal costs.

2. two vacuume pumps fitted to recovery reduce the air consumption, easy load new or resuable abrasive media, and easy recovery expendable abrasive media for disposal.

3. adopt pressure-hold pneumatic remote control, keeping the blast machine under pressure but allow the operatorto start and stop blasting as frequently as needed. The machine is pressurized and depressurized manually, and theremote control handle controls the on/off of the abrasive and air independently.

4. Closed circuit blast gun fitted with boron carbide nozzle dia 6.4mm, 7.9mm, 9.5mm, 11.1mm to customersrequire.

5. cartridge filter, penumatic reverse pulse dust cleaning during blasting operation by automatic electric control.

6. It can be used as a normal portable pressure sand blasting machine only or a vacuum recovery only.


Compressed air sourc: 0.6 ~ 0.7 MPa, 2.2 m3/min

Vacuum Pump: 2 x 4.4kw, 2 x 300 m3/min, 20KPa

Blasting capacity: 6-15 m2/h, with nozzle dia 6mm.

Blast Cleaning: Sa 2.5 ~ Sa 3.0

Pressure vessel capacity: 110 liters Approx

Transfer tank: 110 liters Approx

Nozzle: boron carbide, dia 6.4mm, 7.9mm, 9.5mm, 11.1mm.

Operating hose supplied: dia 32mm x 10 meter

Abrasive loading capacity: Approx

490kg metal abrasive.

215kg artificial corundum.

Blast cycle: 15 ~ 30 minutes

Recommend media:

Aluminium Oxide, garnet: #24 ~ #220

Glass-Beads: 45/85 ~ 600/800 micron

Chilled steel: G50 ~ G25

Dimensions: 2000 x 930 x 2000 mm (W x D x H)

Weight: 600kg Approx.