Sell Vacuum gas quenching furnace with high pressure

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Vacuum gas quenching furnace with high pressure
Chief application: brightness heat treatment for high speed steel, die steel, martensite stainless steel, high alloy steel, Ti-alloy etc.
1. Many kinds of application, e. g. quenching, tempering, annealing, brazing or sintering etc.
2. Automatic program control, stable operation. Man-machine interface (option)
3. Powerful cooling capability, wide application range of quenching.
4. Uniform heating and cooling, small deformation of the workpieces
5. Saving energy, non atmosphere pollution
6. Many kinds of protective function, safe operation.
7. Conversion-trans speed regulation of the cooling fan (option) , flexible cooling mode.

Model Effective Working Dimensions Loading Capacity Maximum Temperature Temperature Uniformity Ultimate
Vacuum Pressure Rising Rate Control Mode
VUQ-224 250*250*400mm 60kg 13200 <=150 2.6*10-3Pa <=0.6Pa/h automatic/manual
VUQ-446 400*400*600mm 200kg 13200 <=150 2.6*10-3Pa <=0.6Pa/h automatic/manual
VUQ-557 500*500*700mm 300kg 13200 <=150 2.6*10-3Pa <=0.6Pa/h automatic/manual
VUQ-669 600*600*900mm 500kg 13200 <=150 2.6*10-3Pa <=0.6Pa/h automatic/manual
VUQ-6612 600*600*1200mm 600kg 13200 <=150 2.6*10-3Pa <=0.6Pa/h automatic/manual