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1, Leading Features:
This product is a peculiar form of modified special coating by particular design for vacuum metalizing industry. Being of characteristics of excellent adhesion, mechanical resistance, low temperature fast drying, good levelling, few or no pitting, high hardness, good handle, insusceptible to scratching, matting resistance, rare emergence of rainbow pattern, stable properties, and broad suitability, it enjoys the trust and acceptance greatly of the customers. Tested by the "State Quality Supervision and Test Centre of Coating" and certified by the" National Information Centre of Coating Industry, "the properties of every item are excellent and up to or surpass the requirements of technical standards. This product has filled in the gap of the coating in our county. There are no poisonous metals, such as lead, and heavy metal. By the testing" of Import and Export Toy Test Centre of Shenzhen, China, this coating has proved to be completely in accord with the safety standard for toy of Europe and America. Because of the excellent properties and stable quality of the coating, there is a steady flow of sales to the world market.
2, Fields of Application:
This product can be applied as vacuum metalizing primer and top coat for plastics, such as PS, ABS, and pretreated PP substrate.
3, Application Procedure:
For primer and top coat dip application is adopted:
In general, the volume ratio of the coating to diluent is 1:3(with flexibility, if required) .
(1) Drying Schedule:For primer, approx 2 hours at 600-700, baking is required(longer time for thicker film) . For top coat, approx 1 hour at 500-600, baking is required.
Diluent: Diluent matching this coating, such as DA or T-407 for special use should be used, special diluent DA of Shenzhan company is recommended.
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