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All Glass Vacuum Tube Solar Collector

It is made by two concentric transparent borosilicate glass tubes (Pyrex) able to resist impact from hail up to 25mm in diameter. The inner glass tube is coated with a selective coating of Al-N/Al, which absorbs and converts the maximum of solar radiation & infrared light into heat and reduces emissivity. A barium getter is used at bottom of the inner evacuated tube. This barium layer actively absorbs all CO, CO2, N2, O2, H2O. The "tube" is one continuous piece with no metal embedded which makes the vacuum tube have longer service life time.

1. Reliable, efficient, Twin-Glass Vacuum tube easy plug-in installation.

2. An economical solution.

3. Could be either vertically or horizontally positioned

4. Especially suitable for large commercial and industrial applications, such as farm, restaurant, hotel, factory, etc.

5. Frame: Imported color steel and aluminum-zinc plated steel, coated with hi-tech corrosion-resistant layer.

Excursus: Glass Vacuum Tube Technique Specification
Material: borosilicate glass according to ISO3585:1991;
Transmittance of borosilicate glass: 0.92.
Absorbance of solar selective absorptive coating: 0.94;
Hemispherical emittance: 0.08; Getter according to GB/T9505-1998.

Start-up temperature: no more than 25.
Start-up time: no longer than 2 minutes under normal sunshine.
Low temperature resistance: no breaks at -30.
Heat impact resistance: no damages after over 3 times' alternative impacts of cold water below 25 and hot water over 90.
Pressure resistance: can withstand 0.6Mpa.
Hail resistance: no damage by the impact of 25mm hail.
Appearance standard: the color of the selective absorptive coatings should be even, and
the coatings should have no wrinkles and peelings.

The allowed tolerance of borosilicate glad tube's diameter should be in accordance with ISO4803:1978. Camber of the borosilicate glass tube should be no more than 0.3%.
The translation the borosilicate glass tube, which is 40-60mm away from flange end, should be round. The ratio of the longest to the shortest radial dimensions of the borosilicate glass tube should be no more than 1.02.
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10000 Units per Month
CE, ISO9001&3A2000, ISO14001
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15 working days
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1 unit
Power Requirements
110/240 Volts
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FOB Shanghai
Warranty Coverage
3 years
23kg/carton with 8pcs