Sell Valve-bag filling machine

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This machine is used for grease packing. It can filling the material to the valve-bag (hang style) \knit-bag\bucket.
We use the technology of weigh-filling, frequency conversion control speed of feeding and auto-correct of the indicator. So it can weigh exactly under change of density and pressure of store-house.
It can be used very easily and the performance is stable .


Max filling speed 4P/min(25kg) Pump flux 5m3/hour
Packing range 5-50kg Max diameter of bucket 300mm
Packing accuracy <0.3%(25kg) Max height of bucket 350mm
Max weigh of scale <50kg Pump material Stainless steel\iron
Filling style valve-bag\knit-bag\bucket Net weigh 200kg
Power supply AC380+5% 50Hz power 2.5kw